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Drain Cleaning in Mukilteo, WA

drain cleaning in Mukilteo, WA done rightYou might follow all the proper steps to ensure good drain health, but the inevitable eventually happens - you get a drain clog. Our Mukilteo drain cleaning team is here to answer any and all of your drain cleaning calls, because we understand just how frustrating clogged drains can be. A drain clog gone unresolved can quickly lead to more serious problems, such as a main sewer line clog, burst pipes, water damage, and much worse. Sound like a nightmare to you? We agree. But you can make the nightmare go away just by calling our drain cleaning experts in Mukilteo today. We'll inspect your pipes, pinpoint the clog, and remove the problem before you have time to stress about it.

Drain Dos and Don'ts


  • Practice regular cleaning. Remove the cover on your shower drain and get rid of any hair clumps or other debri.
  • Purchase an at-home drain snake or other device. These can be relatively inexpensive ($25 or less) and they allow you to remove small blockages before they become worse ones.


  • Flush foreign objects down the drain. This includes paper towels, cigarettes, napkins, sanitary pads, and your toddler's favorite toy (we get it, it happens).
  • Use over the counter drain cleaners. These will just do harm over time to the sensitive rubber elements in your drain. When mixed with other substances, liquid drain cleaners also let off toxic gases, and it's better to have a professional clean out your drains instead.